• Evaluation on Maximum Irrigation Amounts of Groundwater Keeping up with a Demand During Short-term Drought
  • Byung Sun Lee1,*·Wooho Myoung1·Gyusang Lee1·Sung-Ho Song2

  • 1Rural Research Institute, Korea Rural Community Corporation
    2Jeju Regional Headquater, Korea Rural Community Corporation

  • 가뭄 수요대응 단기간 허용 가능한 최대 취수량 평가
  • 이병선1,*·명우호1·이규상1·송성호2

  • 1한국농어촌공사 농어촌연구원
    2한국농어촌공사 제주지역본부

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Groundwater is considered to be the best water resource to solve water shortage problems during drought periods. Even though excessive pumping (overdraft) during short-period may give an unprofitable effect on groundwater hydrology, it has a primary role to solve a lack of water resources and to maintain incomes of farmers. This study evaluated maximum irrigation amounts of groundwater to each local-government and province during drought periods. Maximum irrigation amounts of groundwater were evaluated using cumulative groundwater usage data of each local-government during normal and drought years. Maximum irrigation amounts of groundwater during drought periods would be roughly identified as approximately 1.3 times more than the exploitable amounts of groundwater resources for each local-government. Drawdown-limitation depth on groundwater levels at each monitoring well was determined by transforming the maximum irrigating amounts into degree of change on levels. Universal limitation depth of drawdown on groundwater levels was evaluated to be approximately three times of annual fluctuating range on groundwater levels for each monitoring well. Systematic response on groundwater demands with abiding by drawdown-limitation depth can attain an optimal irrigation of groundwater resources during short-term drought.

Keywords: Drought, Groundwater, Maximum irrigation amounts, Drawdown-limitation

This Article

  • 2021; 26(1): 76-87

    Published on Feb 28, 2021

  • 10.7857/JSGE.2021.26.1.076
  • Received on Jan 3, 2021
  • Revised on Jan 6, 2021
  • Accepted on Feb 22, 2021

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  • Byung Sun Lee
  • Rural Research Institute, Korea Rural Community Corporation

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