• Evaluation of the Effect of Pump and Fertilize on Nitrate Reduction in Groundwater
  • Yuhoon Yeum1·Young Kim1·Moon-su Kim2·Sunhwa Park2·Kyungjin Han3*

  • 1Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea University
    2Soil and Groundwater Research Division, National Institute of Environmental Research
    3Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation

  • 지하수 관개 시비의 지하수 내 질산성질소 저감 효과 평가
  • 염여훈1·김 영1·김문수2·박선화2·한경진3*

  • 1고려대학교 환경시스템공학과
    2국립환경과학원 토양지하수연구과
    3한국교통대학교 환경공학과

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This Article

  • 2024; 29(1): 18-27

    Published on Feb 29, 2024

  • 10.7857/JSGE.2024.29.1.018
  • Received on Jan 9, 2024
  • Revised on Jan 13, 2024
  • Accepted on Jan 21, 2024

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  • Kyungjin Han
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation

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